Tyneview Playgroup

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Friday 16.3.18

We started the session by making scrambled eggs.  They tasted delicious.

We continued with our green theme and made some green collage pictures.

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Thursday 15.3.18

We started the session by going into the hall.  We practised throwing and catching the big balls.  Then we had fun kicking the balls around the hall!

Today we made green play dough.  We mixed flour and salt with a little bit of oil, some water and some green paint.  We had lots of fun playing with the dough afterwards.

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Wednesday 14.3.18

We had a visitor this morning.  It was an enormous spider !  We called him John.  After we looked at him we took him outside, put him beside the drainpipe and sang Incy Wincey Spider.


Today we had time using the iPads!  We used simple counting and sorting programmes to help develop our mathematical skills.

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Tuesday 13.3.18

Today we started off the session in the hall.  We had to listen very carefully.  We moved along benches in lots of different ways including walking and sliding.  Then we jumped off the end.  A grown up was always there to help us if we needed it!  Last of all we ran races.  We ran very fast.


Later in the session we mixed blue and yellow paint together!  What colour did we make?  That’s right – green!


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Monday 12.3.18

This week our stories are Walking through the Jungle and Oh no! Peedie Peebles.


Our number rhyme this week is Five Green Speckled Frogs!  We sang the rhyme but also counted very carefully how many frogs there were.


We looked at green objects and sang the hat song at carpet time.

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Friday 9.3.18

This week we have been very busy making cards to say thank you to the people who look after us.  We remember these special people on Mothering Sunday!

Today we made an enormous omelette!  We had to beat some eggs, chop some ham, grate some cheese and mix them all together.  We then put the mixture in a big frying pan and cooked it!  Our omelette was delicious.