Tyneview Playgroup

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Thursday 10.5.18

Kath our cook showed us how to make pizzas.  Lots of lovely things go on top of the pizza base.


It was a lovely sunny day so we visited the nature garden again!


Later in the session we made some butterfly cakes.

They tasted delicious!


We had to problem solve too!  How do we get our toy minibeasts out of ice cubes?

We will be having more fun with ice next week.


We finished off the session by playing parachute games and singing nursery rhymes.

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Wednesday 9.5.18

““We started off the day by dressing up as super heroes and princesses!


While we were dressing up some of our grown ups came for a short talk on potty training.  They enjoyed talking to staff from the local Health Centre.



Then we had a really healthy snack of fruit and milk.



We used black and yellow paint to paint stripes for our bees.  Come and look at the wall and see how many bees are around the hive.




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Tuesday 8.5.18

Welcome back after the long holiday weekend.  It was lovely to have such sunny weather when were off school.  Tomorrow at 9.00 am we have a toileting talk from Karen White for parents whose children are wearing nappies.  Karen is full of good ideas and it is good to talk to parents who are in a similar position.  There will be another talk later in the term for afternoon parents.

First of all we looked at our caterpillars and our beans that we had planted.  Everything had grown!  Our caterpillars were big caterpillars and our beans had sprouted roots.


We had lots of fun in the sun.  We enjoyed story time outdoors too!


Last of all we made potato heads.  We stuck eyes on the side of a potato then put a damp paper towel on top.   Next we sprinkled cress seeds on top of the paper towel.   Lets hope they grow soon! 

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Wednesday 2.5.18

We started the session today by playing with some dinosaurs then sorting pretend minibeasts by colour!

Look at this fabulous aqua draw.  We had great fun painting with water and watching lots of different colours appear as if by magic!

We had fun singing our number rhyme Five Currant Buns.

Later in the session we made rosti potatoes.  We had to grate the potatoes – it was hard work, then we had to fry them.  They tasted delicious.