Tyneview Playgroup

Wednesday 20.6.18 and Thursday 21.6.18

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Tomorrow 22.6.18 is Spanish day, come to playgroup dressed in red and yellow clothes for lots of Spanish fun. 

Calling all children who are two before 1.9.18!

We are taking names for children to start playgroup in September. 

Some children will be eligible for the two year old offer. 

Application forms are available from playgroup.

Please share this information with family and friends.


On Wednesday we had lots of fun playing with the wooden farm, we had some straw to pretend to feed the horses and grass for the cows to eat. We made some gloop using cornflour and water, we loved using paintbrushes to make marks and we added glitter to mix in. It was hard to pick up. We also enjoyed playing with the magnetic blocks building a very tall tower. 


On Thursday we enjoyed making some tomato pasta, we cut up the onion and the pepper then fried them in the pan. We then cooked the pasta and drained it. Once everything was cooked we put it all into one pan and stirred in the tomatoes before putting it back on the heat. We finished by sprinkling some cheese on the top. Everyone had a little try and some of us thought it was delicious!

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