Tyneview Playgroup

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Friday 20th July

Today is the last day of the school year.  We break up today and return on Tuesday 4.9.18.  We hope you all have a happy and safe summer holiday and look forward to seeing you in September.

We have  had a lovely time working with all your children and thank all the parents and carers for their support over the last year or so.

We said good bye to some children who will be moving into nursery and also to Sophie who has been working with us since last September.  Good luck in your new settings!  We will miss you.

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Thursday 5.7.18

Sports Day!

Today we had our sports day. We enjoyed a wide range of activities. We walked along benches and jumped off, we threw a ball at the skittles, played basket ball and threw balls into a tyre. Indoors we decorated a biscuit, played on the softplay, made a model with the playdough and decorated a medal or trophy. Then we had a lovely picnic with all our friends. At the end of the session we all got our own medal to take home. 

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Tuesday 2.7.18

Reminder Thursday 5.7.18 is Playgroup Sports Day! 


Today in playgroup we have enjoyed making some chocolate crispy cakes. we started by getting all the ingredients out. We had two bars of chocolate and some rice crispies. We had to boil some water in a pan so it got hot enough to melt the chocolate. Kerry placed the bowl of chocolate over the hot pan and we watched the chocolate melt. We then had to pour rice crispies into the bowl of chocolate and we all mixed it together. After mixing it together we took turns to put the chocolate cripsies into the paper cases. After that Kerry put them in the freezer to make sure they all set. We then got to taste cakes and they were delicious!

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Thursday 28.6.18 and Friday 29.6.18

On Thursday in playgroup we made a dinosaur land in the tuff tray using lots of different materials. We had a place for the dinosaurs to eat and drink, as well as somewhere for them to climb. 

In the afternoon we made ice cream using shaving foam and used different coloured paint to make it look like strawberry or chocolate ice cream. Once we had finished we washed all the dishes. 

On Friday we went to explore the nature garden. We enjoyed looking for bugs although we couldn’t find many as it was so sunny. A tree had even fallen down when it was windy. We went into the wooded area but we had to be very careful as there was some nettles about. 

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Wednesday 27.6.18

Today in playgroup we made  a fruit salad. We took it in turns to chop up the fruit, we had strawberries, apple, raspberries, pear and watermelon. We were very good at holding the knife and chopping the fruit into small pieces. Once all the fruit was chopped we placed it into a big bowl and mixed it all together. Then we put it into individual bowls and all sat together to eat it. We all enjoyed trying the different fruits.