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Monday 31.03.2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re keeping well and managing to be busy.  I have been enjoying reading some of my favourite books.  Could you draw a picture or show me a photograph of your favourite story or nursery rhyme?  You could even give the rest of your family a concert by singing some of your favourite songs!

Over the last few days I have received lots of photos of all the lovely things you have been doing.  These include making rainbows, colour sorting, getting messy with paints and play dough, moving with Joe Wickes PE lessons and completing the challeng of moving in lots of different ways.

Looking forward to receiving lots more photos but in the meantime please take care and keep safe.

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Friday 27th March 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and having fun.  I have had a lovely time looking at the lovely photographs that you have sent.  Well done to my colour detectives Eden and sister Harlyn, Ava and Avia.  Owen has sent a lovely rainbow that is in his window.  Owen also sent me a video of him climbing up a climbing wall!  Please be careful Owen! Avia has been enjoying time in the garden.  Ava has been playing alphabet hopscotch outside.  Harlyn has been very busy completing the nursery challenge set by Mrs. Stach.


Our next challenge is to see how many different ways you can move!  This could be dancing to your favourite music, hopping, jumping or any thing else you can think of.  Look forward to seeing more amazing photos.                                                                        Send to joan. fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk 

Take care and keep safe.

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Tuesday 24th March 2020


Hello everybody!

Hope you are keeping busy and enjoying lots of family time. There are lots of ideas on Tyneview School website if you are looking for activities to keep you occupied.  Look at things to do at home EYFS.  This is also for nursery and reception children so families can do things together. 

Yesterday I suggested that you make rainbows.  Elsie has been very busy making her rainbow and doing more arts and crafts with her big sister.  Look at some of the photos she sent:


Please send photographs to: joan.fitz-gerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk

I can then share them with all our pre-school friends so we are still in touch with each other!

A challenge for today is searching for different coloured items.   Lets see who, in their house or garden can find:  

  1. ten red items
  2. ten blue items
  3. ten yellow items
  4. ten green items

Looking forward to seeing lots of photographs!  Meantime take care and keep safe.

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Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello everyone!

It’s been a strange few days but just thought would let you know that we are missing you all and wondering how you are all getting on.
Our friends in nursery have been asked to draw or paint rainbows and put them in their windows. It would be lovely if you could do the same.
I will be putting other ideas on the blog regularly but if you would like to share photos of any activities you are doing at home I can put them on the blog if you send them to joan.fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk

Best wishes Joan

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Friday 13th March 2020

Hello everyone!  Yet another busy week at pre-school.  We started off the week by cooking pasta.  We added tomatoes and ham to make it really tasty!  We had lots of fun printing  with stencils.  In the hall we sang songs with the lycra and played our favourite game – Sleeping bunnies.  Messy play this week was using shaving foam.  Some of us love getting messy but others just aren’t to sure!  We have played matching games and had fun in the home corner pretending to make porridge just like the three bears.  This morning was very wet so we had fun making patterns and colour mixing in the puddles with powder paint.  What a busy week!

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Friday 6th March 2020

This week in pre-school we have had lots of fun enjoying outdoor play.  We have also been very busy indoors.  This week our story has been We’re going on a Bear Hunt!   We Read the story and joined in with the repeated refrains. 

During outdoor play we felt the different textures of the grass, the water, twigs, mud and artificial snow! 

We also made pizza!  Some of us put cheese on our pizza and others put cheese and ham on top!  Our pizzas tasted delicious.

The highlight of our week was World Book Day on Thursday.  It was fun dressing up as our favourite story book character.  We also brought  our favourite story book to share with friends and a book to swap with our friends.  The children in Y6 visited us and read some stories to us.