Tyneview Playgroup

Tuesday 24th March 2020

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Hello everybody!

Hope you are keeping busy and enjoying lots of family time. There are lots of ideas on Tyneview School website if you are looking for activities to keep you occupied.  Look at things to do at home EYFS.  This is also for nursery and reception children so families can do things together. 

Yesterday I suggested that you make rainbows.  Elsie has been very busy making her rainbow and doing more arts and crafts with her big sister.  Look at some of the photos she sent:


Please send photographs to: joan.fitz-gerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk

I can then share them with all our pre-school friends so we are still in touch with each other!

A challenge for today is searching for different coloured items.   Lets see who, in their house or garden can find:  

  1. ten red items
  2. ten blue items
  3. ten yellow items
  4. ten green items

Looking forward to seeing lots of photographs!  Meantime take care and keep safe.

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