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Monday 27th April 2020

Hello everyone!

It’s another lovely sunny day.  I found this activity on line and thought you might like to give it a try.

 Why not make a paper plate flower!  Tape a stick to the back of the plate to create your stem. (If you don’t have a paper plate a circle cut from a cereal box works just as well).   Real leaves can be attached to the stem or you can make them from paper or card.  You can use real petals or make your own   from paper.  For the centre of your flower be creative!  You can use seeds, lentils, pom poms, buttons or whatever else you can find in your garden or house!  Looking forward to seeing all your lovely flowers.


Last week you have all been very busy and I’m pleased to see that you are enjoying the activity packs that you received.  Here are some of the photos that you sent.

Your grown ups are doing an amazing job!  Keep up the good work.  Remember I can be contacted at joan.fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk.  

Take care everyone and keep safe!

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Thursday 23.4.2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying lots of good family time.  I hope you have all received and are enjoying some of the activities in the pack.  Lots of you have shared all the fun things you have been doing.

Harper has been playing in the garden in his paddling pool and bouncy castle. He is  learning new words and doing well learning his alphabet!  Harper is now also fully potty trained!  Well done Harper.

Ava has really enjoyed our pack, especially the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book.  She has also had fun looking for the objects in the pictures of the traditional tales.

Owen has been having an amazing time playing in the garden and especially loves water pistol fights with his big brother Finley and dog Stanley.  He has really enjoyed playing with slime and played with it for well over an hour! He also built a pretend campfire in the park one day too and, rather surprisingly,  picked up two of the sticks and starting rubbing them together saying he was making fire! Owen has also enjoyed helping to  change his rainbow window to a mosaic effect,

Eden has made a lovely “spring” picture and fruit kebabs with melted chocolate  over them.  Sounds delicious!

Over the Easter break Darcy played in the garden, had an egg hunt around the house, did some Easter crafts,  played doctors with her baby sister and went on long family walks (bear hunts as she called them, singing going on a bear hunt).

Lots of your favourite stories and more can be found on YouTube.  Why not search for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and We’re going on a Bear Hunt.  Let me know how you get on.  Send photos and messages to joan.fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk

Take care and keep safe everyone.







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Saturday 18th April 2020

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news!  On Tuesday Jamie and Kerry will dropping of an activity pack at everyone’s house.  The pack contains some ideas for activities and a Nursery Rhyme book to help you remember your favourites and  maybe learn some new ones too!  The pack will be left on your doorstep but Jamie and Kerry will wait and give you a wave!

Our pre-schoolers are keeping very busy.  Ava has had lots of fun learning to ride her bike, burning off steam on her bouncy castle and swinging with her baby brother.  She has also made some pictures for her grandparents.   Lucas has been having lots of fun making his own lava lamps,  drawing and painting lots of lovely pictures. He has also planted his own vegetables and had fun playing on the bouncy castle and swimming in the paddling pool on nice days.

Please keep sharing what you are getting up to and remember to look at Tyneview School’s facebook page and website for up to date information.  If I can help in any way contact me at joan.fitzgerald @newcastle.sch.uk.

Take care and keep safe!  

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Tuesday 14.4.2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend with lots of chocolate and family fun.

Thomas and Harper have been having lots of fun.  Harper has been playing with his alphabet bus and doing lots of painting including decorating an egg!  Thomas has been pretending to be the Billy Goats Gruff “trip trapping” over the the bridge in the park.  What do you do for your daily exercise?  Thomas has also been learning lots about shapes.  Keep up the good work everyone.


Please share what you are getting up to by sending your photos to:       joan.fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk


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Saturday 11.4.2020

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

Easter hasn’t quite turned out as planned this year but lets hope you are enjoying family time in the sunshine.

Once more we have some lovely photos from our pre-schoolers.   They are having lots of fun and learning as they play.

Indie has been having lots of fun playing in her garden and jumping on her bouncy castle.  She has also made a beautiful Easter bonnet!  Elsie has been having fun in the garden too!  She has been dressing up and doing lots of arts and crafts including decorating her window.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!  Take care and keep safe.


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Wednesday 9th April 2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine! Darcy, Avia and Harper have all been having fun outside. Harper has enjoyed riding his bike and drawing with his chalks.  Avia has played with her water tray and made some delicious Easter nests.  Darcy has decorated an egg for our competition, made some Easter cards, and baking cakes!

What have you been up to?  Please share with us.  Send your photos to joan.fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk

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Monday 6th April 2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend.  It’s hard to believe that next weekend we will be celebrating Easter.  Usually in school we decorate eggs and make Easter bonnets.  Maybe you could do this at home and send me your photographs.  I could then share them on our blog!

Vlad has been having lots of fun playing outside in the garden, painting, playing with small world toys and his alphabet mat.   Ava has been decorating her egg with a little help from her daddy.  Who has she made?

Looking forward to seeing more of your photographs.  Send them to joan.fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk



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Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello everyone!

There are lots of photos to share today.  You have all been very busy. Darcy has been very creative doing lots of arts and crafts as well as dressing up and dancing to her favourite music.  Elsie has celebrated her third birthday and looks as though she had an exciting day.  Avia has had lots of fun playing in her garden as well as doing Easter activities.  Her favourite book is Oscar the Hungry Unicorn and she has made a beautiul unicorn!  Eden has a new water toy and has spent lots of time pouring and trying to catch the water.

Thank you for sharing all the lovely things you have been doing.  Remember to let me know what your favourite story is and maybe send a photograph of you reading it to joan.fitzgerald@tyneview.newcastle.sch.uk  

If you go onto Tyneview School website you can enter the easter egg competition!